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Visual Qr Codes

You can use any image to create a qr code. Whether its your logo, your favorite social network icon or your app icon, you can now use any image to promote your brand awareness, be more attractive, be more intuitive, and generate you more scans!

QR Code Generator QR Code Generator QR Code Generator QR Code Generator QR Code Generator

Visual QR Codes

Use our online QR code generator to create beautiful visual QR codes with any image or logo.

Edit QR Code

Edit your existing QR codes with our dynamic QR code generator.

Types QR Codes

You can create any type of QR code such as text, url, facebook, twitter etc.

Number of Scans

Track how many times your QR code has been scanned.

Manage QR Codes

You are able to manage your QR codes in the my QR codes section.

Qr Code App

Once published on paper, any other physical support, people with a QR App can scan your QR Code.

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